Who would you like to meet and why essay

He established the largest ocean sanctuary on the planet.

What person in history you would like to meet?

I would like to meet Polonius because he has already assisted me in making choices for myself. Thus, the quote acts as a reminder for me to act properly. In the first act, he gives advice to his son who is departing on a journey.

5 People you would like to meet(dead or alive)?

First of all, I am strongly impressed with his justice. Occasionally, others try to influence me to drink.

What historic figure would you like to meet?

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. We are told not to lend or borrow items becase "for loan oft loses both itself and friend," meaning one will end up losing a friend as well as what he lent "Be thou familiar but by no means vulgar" tells us to understand things that are immoral, but not to participate in them.

He is most passionate, enthusiastic and hard working actor in the whole film industry all over the world. Cyrus the Great had this personality because he was never afraid of foreign attacks and their threats.

His film debut was in Deewana, which was released in June Besides, after conquering a new country he never ruined the cities and never killed people but he let them free to live under his command and built some new buildings or repaired some of ruined places.

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama has been an advocate for women. Finally, his ever concerned will was to make his land a better place for people who lived there.

Who would you like to meet?

In this situation, Cyrus the Great omitted this discrimination and declared the equality of workers, whether Persian or not. Many football experts compare Messi to the legendary Pele and Maradona. In an Interview he said - " When everyone sleepsI am awake and practice acting.

Sometimes, I am tempeted; however, I know that I would not be true to myself if I submitted. I would like to talk with Polonius to gain more insight on life. He was born on August 4, in Honolulu, Hawaii, U. Comment Link Wednesday, 13 July He plays an important part in all his fans life.

Believing education is what brings about the strength of a nation, Obama has set a goal for the U. Comment Link Wednesday, 23 December Comment Link Tuesday, 22 August Finally, he got break through. He enacted some rules and assigned some of his trusted men for surveillance in each state.

All in all, if I could have a chance, meeting Cyrus the Great would be my choice because I think that he was a heavenly spirit in a human body with all those characteristics that i like a man has, be hard inside and kind outside. He could give me insight on other things. Imust conduct myself like a gentleman and use proper etiquette for te given situation.

About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. In short, Lionel Messi is like a PlayStation. Thanks to this superstar, people all over the world know India. In his youth he acted in several stage plays and received praise for his performance.

Celebrity/Famous Person you would most like to meet

For all these reasons I would aspire to meet him one day. College essay if you could meet anyone who would it be and why polonius of College Essay: He has increased federal funding and doubled the amount of grant money allocated to students seeking a higher education to cover rising tuition costs.

He tells us how to choose and treat friends, as well as rules for listning and speaking. Being true to myself involves acting in accordance with my values. He made it so all people could sit and go whereever they wanted.

He have millions of fan followers around the world. In that era there was no room for justice and all the powerful men like kings and emperors had a lot of slaves. He could also explain how his advice relates to our time period.

Comment Link Monday, 18 June Yes New Friends: Why It's Important To Meet New People. If you like what someone else is wearing, tell him or her. so meet all the people you can meet, make the effort to go out and laugh. Mar 21,  · If you could meet one person alive in the world today, who would you meet?

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Update Cancel. ad by LendingHome. Given a chance to meet any person, whom would you like to meet and why? Who is the happiest person alive today? Ask New Question. Still have a question? Ask your own! Ask. Describe A Person You Would Most Like To Meet. The Common Application is nifty. It helps you streamline the application process like an Olympic swimsuit.

As far as the essay or personal statement goes, this means writing one essay instead of many. The Common Application offers six different essay prompts for you to choose from as you write your. Oct 08,  · famous person you would like to meet essay Cue Card Describe a famous person(international) you would like to meet - Duration: Deepak Kumar 3, views.

Jul 05,  · If you could meet one person and spend some time with him or her who would it be? I think mine woulc probably be Shaq. I am huge bball fan and he seems like a charismatic fun guy to meet whose. Free coursework on College Essay If You Could Meet Anyone Who Would It Be And Why Polonius Of from killarney10mile.com, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.

Who would you like to meet and why essay
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