Whats your philosophy

If we sat down in an interview, could you explain yours? Teaching tolerance, respect and world awareness might be seen as the key ingredients of well-rounded students, producing young citizens who will be decent, moral and considered in a mature society. The Power In Serving Others.

I always knew that! Your friend says, "Wow, that girl over there is beautiful! People are born with the ability to become good, and through a relationship with God they will reach their best states. To accept the meaningless of existence.

Interviewers will be equally impressed by any philosophy as long as it is truthfully and enthusiastically told. You must find an answer that plays up your strengths, puts your personality in the best light, and is relevant to the job for which you are applying. Things to learn include the goals and means of the company, its market niche, risk, demand, competition, and even how content the current employees are, etc.

They are remarkable because it is hard to live with character. Subscribe at at www. A third has no real reason for playing other than someone asked him to. You may not be able to give it a one-word label but you have thought it through and could explain why yourphilosophy of life makes sense to you and how it governs your thinking.

Yes, you are responsible for the choices you make. Which of the following actions would you most likeley take? You see a young, something climbing onto the short fence between the road and the water. Sadly, there are many young children in Britain who do not see such virtues extolled at home, and thus it might be argued that teachers need pick up where the gaps are apparent.

You could very fairly argue that teachers should be judged not on raw grades, but instead on the amount of pupils they inspire to go on and study their subject at university through the vivacity, passion and joy you evince in your pupils through your lessons and the content they are enjoyably discovering.

People are about as up there as you can get! No, I believe in destiny. Garry Weaser for the Guardian What is your personal philosophical approach to the idea of education, and indeed that of your school? But their internal experience of life will be entirely different.

Helping people or serving customers to get back something. Some may snigger upon reading this, but Edexcel currently offer "Working With Others" as a key skill qualification, as one such example. A goal of life is For example, if you claim you have outstanding communication skills you should be able to point to specific examples of how those skills have worked to your advantage in previous jobs.

With the above in mind, decide whether you are the type of person who follows a certain philosophy.

How to Answer a Job Interview About Your Philosophy of Life

One man plays squash because he has a true north philosophy about pushing himself to his limits, maintaining his health and Whats your philosophy in friendships with his playing partners.

You might also mention how your values have helped you become more productive and effective, and how you view difficult circumstances as opportunities to learn new things. What do you love most in this world? Once you decide about your type, be honest about it during interviews.

Important, because they help me to better understand opposing ideas and "truths" Important, because they are a form of rebellion. Your approach is just to deal with what is coming at you, the way you manage email. There is no good or bad answer, but an honest answer — Whatever you say the most important thing is to be honest about it.

I would think to myself "Coward," and go about my day. Maybe he just likes being asked. We promise ourselves that those things will be our priority. Inevitably, but also justifiably, most Heads you would speak to would probably want an all-encompassing mish-mash of the above, possibly even differentiated to each pupil in the room.

Or you think you know, but the reasons turn out to be pretty superficial. The interviewer just wants to get to know you a little better, so provide a simple, accurate summary of how you view and motivate yourself, focusing on what makes you a good fit for the job.you say your philosophy of life is to always follow your heart.

Be prepared to be asked for more details about how that philosophy helped you in the past and how it's relevant for the position to which you are applying. This short quiz briefly assesses your philosophical world views and tells you which out of eight schools of thought you are closest.

What Philosophical School of Thought are you in? Created by Translated by Julian Rambob on October 28, Original Article by Quizzes Quiz Personality Quiz Love Philosophy Politics School Thought World. What Is Your Educational Philosophy?

While lesson planning this summer, educators might also take time to reflect on their core beliefs about learning and teaching. By Ben Johnson. July 17, Over the summer, teachers reflect on the year and often redesign and perfect their teaching strategies and plans.

In essence, they get back to the. Personal Philosophy. 1 Comment. Sometimes finding out your own personal philosophy means looking a bit at others, and understanding which thinkers you most (dis)agree with.

Teacher Interview Question: What is your Approach to or Philosophy on Teaching? Excerpt from Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching and Finding a Job. Interviewers ask this question is to. A question about your work philosophy is generally asked to managers, team leaders and high level executives.

What Philosophical School of Thought are you in?

It is also asked to professionals who work in a noble profession as nursing, teaching and social work. So How to tell the interviewer about your work philosophy?

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Whats your philosophy
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