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You can direct inquiries to Ms. Trekkers should be alert to the possibility of avalanches, landslides, and falling rocks, even when trails are clear. Embassy in Kathmandu strongly recommends that U.

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Some local residents and foreigners have fallen into these ravines and sustained serious injuries or died. During peak trekking seasons, generally spring and autumn, hotel rooms may become scarce.

Carrying more than 50 grams of gold or grams of silver may result in arrest at a port of entry. Others try to help by donating cash or goods. Incidents of boats capsizing on choppy water have also occurred.

Many of the children are reportedly not orphans, and volunteering at such an organization may indirectly contribute to child exploitation. You may not bring any kind of firearm into Nepal under Nepali law.

Furthermore, some laws are also prosecutable in the United States, regardless of local law. Trekking in certain remote areas of Nepal and in national parks may require additional permits or fees. If you are not certain about an organization, you may want to consider routing contributions through a reputable national or international charity to avoid the possibility that your time and money could unknowingly support the exploitation of children.

Nepal offers many exciting outdoor activities that come with a variety of risks.

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These risks existed prior to the April earthquake and its aftershocks, which have further destabilized some mountainous areas, causing severe landslides in some affected areas. It is illegal to possess or 1, Indian Rupee notes in Nepal. Accordingly, travelers coming to Nepal from India who hope to change Indian currency into Nepali Rupees are advised to bring Indian Rupee notes or lower denominations only.

Some visitors to Nepal wish to volunteer at orphanages or other organizations in an effort to help disadvantaged persons — especially children.

Violators who bring in firearms or ammunition — even imitations or in jewelry form — may be prosecuted. For examples, see crimes against minors abroad and the Department of Justice website.

Without acclimatization, trekkers of all ages, experience, and fitness levels can experience acute mountain sickness AMSwhich can be deadly.

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Solo trekkers are also more vulnerable to criminals. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned. Travelers should leave ample time to catch their outbound international flights if they plan to connect from domestic flights.

Nepal customs regulations are complex. Accordingly, travelers should consider alternative methods of accessing local currency e. Embassy in Kathmandu strongly discourages U. During the monsoon season, floods and landslides regularly damage travel infrastructure and telephone services, complicating efforts to locate U.

If you are arrested or detained, ask police or prison officials to notify the U. Items purported to be for donation to schools, hospitals, and other social organizations have sometimes been confiscated, or cleared only after payment of a significant fine for failure to obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Finance.

If you break local laws in Nepal, your U. Speak with your doctor or medical professionals in Kathmandu for specific recommendations.

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Please note that this requirement is subject to change and travelers should contact the Embassy of Nepal in Washington, D. Those wishing to donate items to a charity or any organization in Nepal must obtain prior approval for waiver of the custom fees from the Ministry of Finance by sending a formal request letter not via email to the following address: Solo trekking can be dangerous and has contributed to injuries and death.

Only experienced mountain climbers should tackle the Himalayas. Travelers may also face difficulties if traveling with a large quantity of valuables, such as gold and jewelry. Local agencies that organize treks often will facilitate obtaining your TIMS card.

Domestic air flight cancellations and delays occur frequently because of bad weather, including to and from Lukla gateway to the Everest Base Camp trek and Jumla gateway to the Mustang region.

There are also a number of deep and dangerous ravines not clearly visible to pedestrians in Pokhara city, mainly in the outlying areas. We encourage travelers to consult carefully with their travel and trekking agencies for current, location-specific information and to heed warnings of potential danger.

Paragliding and ultralight aircraft tourism have become popular in Pokhara and many new companies offer such services. We recommend providing family or friends with a detailed itinerary prior to trekking and checking in at all police checkpoints where trekking permits are logged.

Prospective volunteers in Nepal may wish to read a recent report prepared by a U.+ businesses for sale and franchise opportunities.

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Travel agency business plan in malaysia kelong
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