The reasons why fans should be optimistic about the future of the detroit lions

But one of the most noted Lions traditions is having their best players retire early. The stop-start play of football makes it the perfect sport for a culture rife with distractions and busy days. The Packers were Soundgarden. He was great in pass blocking and a receiving mismatch against opposing linebackers.

A former 1,yard rusher, Ridley is talented, and he is Ten years ago, the team wentthe first time in NFL history since the inception of the game season that a team failed to win a single game.

The Vikings win He registered three pass breakups and was making play after play. Not given enough credit Megatron.

Why you should root for the Detroit Lions

After all, he once caught ten touchdowns in a season. None of the players from that team remain, and most of the front office has changed from that time as well. Who is the greatest head coach in NFL history? Unfortunately, the Lions finished just 18th in points per game and 20th in yards per game.

There are quite a few things that would have to go right in order for Forte to be in the blue and orange again this season. Week 17 could be a harbinger. There are some narratives from past seasons that are important to know. But he was never the difference maker the Lions had envisioned.

How to be a fan of the Detroit Lions, one of the worst teams in the NFL

One, this is not going to be the revamp of the defense we all pictured. So finally, he decides to turn it down to subzero. They were missing that element, and if you want to bet on players, hedging your bets on this trait as a tie-breaker can be helpful.

He led the NFL in rushing four times, including with 2, rushing yards in Also of importance for any prospective Lions fan is to know your enemy.

3 reasons why Bears fans should be optimistic Matt Forte will return in 2016

And the Lions were Chumbawamba. Darius Slay played like a No. Nor does every team need a uniform with black accents. The NFL divides its 32 teams into two conferences:Watch video · Why he makes sense at There isn’t a better interior pass rusher in the draft.

Would start Day 1. Why he doesn’t: Heart condition might scare the Lions away, as might his smaller lower half. LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama. Why he makes sense at Intelligent, productive, versatile linebacker would play Day 1 on the weak side. February was kicked off with the Lions girls getting revenge over the Crows and the signature of Alex Witherden for two more years.

I can now officially make this announcement: the go-home factor has left the building. Detroit Lions fans are a unique bunch. They unfailingly support a team that seems to do little other than failing. It's one thing to support a. So far, the Lions haven't gotten a ton of national love, but that's no reason for fans in Detroit to feel any less optimistic about the team's chances this coming season to do some winning on the field.

The Detroit Lions have registered another loss in the preseason against the Giants. Some of the players did not have their best performance and hoping to rebound in their next game. The Detroit Lions suffered another loss at the hands of the New York Giants. Five reasons to be optimistic about the Detroit Lions New, 48 comments With the Detroit Lions regular season just days away, let's look at some reasons why the Lions are looking good this year.

The reasons why fans should be optimistic about the future of the detroit lions
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