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Those interested in specific course offerings can refer to the academic calendar for departmental course offerings or to the Engineering Communication Program homepage.

Professional Writing and Communication

Spring Writing for Publication: Undergraduate Credit Courses and Programs There are several options for undergraduate students interested in taking a composition course: All courses require the permission of the instructor.

But the University of Toronto also provides a wide range of writing courses, both credit and non-credit, designed specifically to help you develop your writing skills. Essential Management and Prescribing Practices This course is approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario in meeting the educational requirements for prescribing controlled drugs and substances.

You will further enhance your skill and knowledge in geriatric care, through an in depth focus on special topics such as end of life care including MAIDdeprescribing, and controlled drug and substance use.

Choose the course that best suits your needs, and sign up fast — spaces are limited!

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The workshop will address both the perspective of the client and family, and the health care professional. October 20, Conquering Challenging Workplace Conversations This one-day interactive workshop is designed to build the skill and confidence of healthcare leaders to effectively manage critical workplace conversations.

Emphasis is placed on the clinical reasoning and decision-making skills required to accurately assess and diagnose clients typically seen in a primary health care setting across the lifespan. It encourages students to develop writing portfolios and to publish work they produce in their courses.

Visit the UTSC calendar for details. Design, Delivery and Facilitation New Course! An Advanced Practice Course Based on the latest standards of care, this course will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of pressure injuries and surgical wounds.

JEIH1 Writing English Essays teaches students who already write effectively how to write clear, compelling, research-informed English essays. Check to see what is currently being offered, or look at the course schedule for the entire academic year. It is built on a foundation of long-standing Innis courses in academic and creative writing and on more recently mounted courses in professional writing, rhetoric, and media.

Professional Writing

Undergraduate students interested in developing their skills in creative writing may choose from a variety of course options: Participants will have opportunity for interaction and networking with other nurses interested in clinical teaching.

This comprehensive course will assist you to critically analyze complex ostomy care problems and apply unique management techniques required to provide quality care and support to people and families who are living with ostomies.

Controlled Drugs and Substances: The English department on the St. Certificate Courses The School of Continuing Studies offers a wide array of certificate courses both to U of T students and to the wider public on business communication, creative writing, and English as a second language.

The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication GCAC offers non-credit courses aimed specifically at graduate and undergraduates students in their respective faculties. The 2 day onsite institute will focus on key issues and challenges related to informatics in practice, administration, research and education.

NovemberThe Foundations and Scholarship of Clinical Teaching This two-day workshop for clinical instructors focuses on theoretical and practical dimensions of clinical teaching from a transformational learning perspective.The Centre for Professional Development provides a variety of innovative programs, courses and institutes to advance your skills, enhance your knowledge, and move your career forward in an exciting, clinical leadership role.

Professional Writing and Communication (PWC) at the University of Toronto Mississauga aims to produce critical thinkers and flexible, reflective writers and editors who apply their knowledge of rhetoric and language across a range of academic disciplines and professional practices.

PWC treats communication as interdisciplinary and socially. The Professional Writing and Communication Program (PWC) educates critical thinkers. Program courses cultivate flexible, reflective writers/editors in small, interactive classes.

PWC offers students a community of writers and editors.

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Innis College’s minor in Writing and Rhetoric reflects the belief that strong skills in critical thinking and written communication are central to a liberal education.

It is built on a foundation of long-standing Innis courses in academic and creative writing and on more recently mounted courses in professional writing, rhetoric, and media.

Description: Professional Writing and Communication (P.W.C.) refers to the principles of communication articulated in classical rhetoric and updated through contemporary theory and practice in professional settings. P.W.C. sees communication as interdisciplinary and socially situated.

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Professional writing and communication university of toronto
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