Nus honours thesis fass

To do a research in the area of your interests To contribute to the topic in the area of your interests. This option is not applicable to BAC Honours students. However, BBA Honours students have the option to graduate without a specialisation. Benefits The benefits of doing a HD are as follows: Transfer of credits for modules not conducted by NUS will take place without transfer of grades.

At the end of a semester, letter grades for modules will be released to students. Please refer to this page for more information on Minor Programmes. Honours year students will be given priority in accessing level modules and are also able to read a maximum of 2 level modules.

Honours Dissertation (BHD4001)

In addition, the university modules or diploma must Nus honours thesis fass been completed within the last 5 years prior to the date of admission to the University.

Students are allowed to withdraw their registration, without penalty, in the first semester. This is because many Level modules are essential modules that students must complete before they can progress to the next level. For BBA Honours students who have declared three specialisations, you will need to read one level business module from each specialisation.

Honours Thesis To qualify for Honours Thesis, students must meet the following requirements: However, the 20 MCs of APCs for the University Level Requirements and Unrestricted Elective Modules will be awarded to all diploma holders of approved programmes from Polytechnics in Singapore, regardless of when the diploma was completed, in recognition of the overall knowledge gained from a Polytechnic education.

To evaluate if you wish to pursue a career as a researcher.


Please note that such APCs or exemption applications will be considered only at the point of admission to the University and approvals are subjected to the following: Students who have started on their Honours programme, but their CAP subsequently fall to below 3.

SE Conferment of B. For example, if you are reading two specialisations — Marketing and Management, you are required to read the following modules as HD replacement modules: Work with an established professor to produce a good research, which may be published. In the case of the additional semester being a regular semester, a minimum workload of 18 MCs, and only Level or higher modules In the case of the additional semester being the Special Term, only Level or higher modules Additionally, students are not allowed to opt for a new Minor, Second Major or Double Degree programme beyond the end of the 5th semester of study.

If you have a Finance specialisation, you are required to read the following modules as HD replacement modules: Instructions for the advanced registration exercise will be sent to students at the appropriate time.

For example, if you do not have a specialization, you are required to read the following modules as HD replacement modules: This is because we do not remove the Honours track status from students even if they subsequently fail to sustain the minimum CAP.Brief Introduction.

PhD (Lancaster University, UK), M.A. B.A. (Hons) NUS. I am a faculty member at the Department of English Language and Literature.I served as Assistant Dean (External Relations and Student Life), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, from July to.

The NUS MC Major is made up of 55 to 52 MC [of taught] modules, 15 MC Honours Thesis (‘HT’), 12 to 15 MC Independent Study Modules (‘ISM’), and 20 MC ANU Advanced Studies courses. MC come from either ISM, HT, or ANU Advanced Studies courses. The Honours Thesis/Project is not compulsory for the Honours Degree.

Students who do not read the Honours Thesis/Project can read with the Independent Studies Module (ISM) or other level modules in their respective majors.

1 BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree

The Honours Thesis (HT) is not a compulsory requirement to be awarded an honours degree. However, Honours students are encouraged to write an Honours Thesis (HT) which will allow them to carry out in-depth work on a topic of interest with the advice of a Faculty member.

Thesis Submission and Examination Examination Schedule, Semester 1 Examination Schedule, Semester 2 Honours Degree Classification (i) Criteria. Honours (Highest Distinction) National University of Singapore.

National University of Singapore 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore Honours Thesis. HO Cheng Yong Richard, / "Impacts of Habitat Types and Landscape Attributes on Snail Ecology and Opisthorchis viverrini Transmission in Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand.".

Nus honours thesis fass
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