Nike core competencies

Research and Development Focus - Strength Although Nike conducts continuous, basic research that benefits numerous facets of the sports and fitness industry, our primary focus is directed towards applied research.

Nikes Core Competencies Exist Essay Sample

Nike lures clients with a marketing strategy centring on their brand image: We should also differentiate between core competencies and core capabilities Nike core competencies moving forward. Another advantage of the company is their ownership of many other footwear brands such as Converse Inc. But it has expanded that competency to not only include both physical and digital content but also original content.

Applied research focuses on short-term initiatives such as successfully developing new product lines. However, our highly liquid position gives us the ability to increase debt financing should we need or desire additional capital for company operations, research and development, or other changes as top management sees fit.

Strategic intent The process of developing core competencies starts with the strategic intent of being Nike core competencies leader in the market by leveraging the resources.

The substitution for the athletic footwear is low, as there are little alternatives available to choose from. A strategic mindset and focus on achieving a long term global leadership is important to develop a strategic intent. Management of Accounts Receivable - Weakness Nike does permit sales in cash, cash equivalents and on credit.

In general, the facilities are located further from most customers, resulting in higher distribution costs. As Nike continues to expand in the Nike core competencies economy and increase its market throughout the world, these dispersed facilities will prove to be beneficial.

Due to the lead Nike possesses in the industry, we can afford to look long-term and place a greater emphasis on innovation as opposed to other companies with a short-term outlook attempting to improve upon existing products and services.

While establishing these policies is a step in the right direction for Nike, the difficult task at hand will be the implementation of the aforementioned goals of the new labor initiative to ensure the success of the program.

But these cannot be used in place of sports shoes, in any sporty event. This concept points out to identifying various opportunity gaps.

The current ratio, while not a major strength, shows that Nike is inline with the industry concerning ease of converting assets to cash to cover short-term obligations. Core capabilities are crucial for survival but, unlike a core competency, does not confer any specific differential advantage over other competitors in the industry.

This hospital may as well have doctors and nurses from various countries to create a multi-ethnic workforce for better communication with a better patient management. Management of Debt - Strength Our debt-to-total-assets ratio is Due to our ability to quickly turnover inventory, Nike benefits from greater cash flows, reduced storage costs, and less spoilage.

Core competencies also help in the development of core products. In other words core competences of a business are also guiding parameters for new markets and diversification.

Canon approached the problem by assembling a task force of people and developed a series of core products; disposable cartridges, instant toner fusers, and other components to decrease the size as well as the cost.

Their aggressive advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements and quality products all enhance their brand and image. These all have quite different production technologies, end-consumers, and channel of distribution.

These competencies help in bridging the gap between performance and opportunity, thus helping a company in being a potential leader in the industry.

This product was developed and launched in less than 3 years, which really put Canon towards becoming a competent player in printer technology. That will wind up being your death in the end.

Case studies Multiple examples from around the world can be cited in support of the concept of core competencies: Management of Debt - Weakness Despite the lower percentage of assets that are borrowed to finance Nike, our times interest earned ratio is weaker than the industry average.

Losing core competencies Companies, especially big ones, have to be really careful when outsourcing a product or service to a different organization while looking to cut cost. The production facilities are located close to raw materials and cheap labor sources.

Our collection procedures have been lax compared to others in the industry resulting in slow payers and defaulting customers. They have been strategically placed in their locations for just this purpose.

Before PC copiers became available incopying was done on a departmental basis within companies and through commercial copy centers. Not that Nike outsourced the product development.

It is an obsession with writing a competitive agenda, for a long period of time, which is shared with the whole organization. Innovation has been the key to aiding Nike in securing its position as the leader in the market.

White House documents have revealed large donations to the Democratic National Committee by companies with an interest in seeing the embargo lifted.

Successful projects can realize immediate profitability while unsuccessful projects may be discontinued without enduring materially large losses. In other words companies around the world were placing a high value on getting a small, relatively inexpensive personal copier and thus an easy-to-use, durable, low priced, and maintenance-free small copier awaited innovation.This article will also tell you what contemporary views on core competencies do exist.

We will provide a summary of a few cases and studies to describe the complexities of the concept. Importance of core competences. Core competencies are the collective learning of the organization, Apple bought SIRI and Nike taking help of Apple in. NIKE Core Competencies Extensive SCM (supply-chain management) capabilities strongly connected with the previous core competences – all Nike competitors have outsourced in Asia BUT, Nike outperforms its rivals with its unique business model in which its brand name dominates, suggesting high quality and stylish sports footwear.

Core Competencies | An Overview

Competitive advantage derives from core competencies, which enable: Differentiation of products/services creating perceived value, or. Cost leadership – offering products/services of comparable value at lower cost.

NIKE – Core Competence – Just. Do It. Unlocking human potential. Core competencies emerge over time through an organizational process of learning how to position different resources and capabilities to a company’s advantage.

Nike’s core competencies exist in their effective marketing strategies. This entails the strategic application of Nike’s unique capabilities and core competencies to the company’s advantage. Nike’s branding outline’s the company’s personality and gives them the competitive edge in sports footwear, equipment and the apparel market (Graham, Roth & Dugan ).

Nike’s core competencies exist in their effective marketing strategies and their innovative product design. These two elements provide much value and benefits to Nike’s consumers, are not easy for competitions to imitate, and can be leveraged widely to most of their products and markets.

Nike core competencies
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