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Then into sight the ambulances came, Stumbling and churning past the broken farm, The amputated sign-post and smashed trees, Slow waggonloads of bandaged cries, square trucks That rolled on ominous wheels, vehicles Made mythopoeic by their mortal freight And crimson crosses on the dirty white Need an extra hand with your English?

Housman said that "the business of poetry is to harmonise the sadness of the universe" and Scannell quoted this with approval. There is an intimacy here that adds depth to our picture of the family in the garden. Cross rhyme - A rhyme pattern alternating line endings, so that the first line rhymes with the third, and the second with the fourth, often notated abab and actually much simpler in practice than explanation!

He brought his enthusiasm for boxing into the school and, while he did not exactly teach it, he ensured there were interesting bouts between boys ill-matched in size and weight. He frequently read both the poetry of Thomas Hardy and the thrillers of Edgar Wallace.

Revolted, he walked away. Note that the father is probably using a billhook to hack the weeds, rather than a scythe, as some notes comment.

After the war, he settled down to work on writing as his primary focus. He changed his name after deserting the army — though he was arrested and sentenced despite this. Perhaps the second real theme is the vanity of a violent or vengeful reaction.

Nettles by Vernon Scannell Essay

From Walking Wounded The title poem recollects a column of men returning from battle: Never trust the teller, trust the tale. He wants to burn the dead, because they harmed his son.

“Nettles” by Vernon Scannell Essay

They are behind the shed, and this gives us thoughts on how sly they are. Scannell, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature [3] won many poetry awards, including for war poems such as his collection Walking Wounded.

What would Owen say? And yet we still remember them — the long And lovely summers, never smeared or chilled- Like poems, by heart; like poems, never wrong; The idyll is intact, its truth distilled From maculate fact, preserved as by the sharp And merciful mendacities.

From Remembering the Dead at Wadi Akarit: He was shipped back to a military hospital at Winwick in Lancashire before being sent on to a convalescent depot. Form and Structure The poem is a single stanza of four, cross rhymed quatrains.

This helps us imagine the scene clearly and creates an atmosphere. His first desertion was brought on by watching his fellow soldiers advance down a battlefield filled with dead bodies on both sides; the living soldiers were looting the dead ones, and he walked away from the field, earning himself six months inside a harsh prison facility.

As an ex-soldier, Scannell would certainly have empathised with men who lashed out in anger, still holding back their pent-up reactions to the atrocities of war.

Vernon Scannell

One odd thing that might strike the reader is the dominance of war-related imagery. Literary life[ edit ] He received the Heinemann Award for Literature in for an early poetry volume, The Masks of Love, [6] and the Cholmondeley Award for poetry in It also suggests how innocent and young he is, that he needs to be protected from the vicious nettles.

From The Loving Game Following an assault on an Axis held hill bear Gabes he watched nettles vernon scannell essay writer his Gordon Highlanders moved through the recently taken position, looting the dead, both Allied and Axis. Despite this, he understands that life is under no obligation to be either fair or just, and that he cannot protect his son from a war should it break out — not entirely, anyway.

This tells us how merciless they are, rule and harmful. Fallen dead is saying the nettles have finally been defeated, and are fell down. Teaching[ edit ] In the late s and early s he was a teacher of History, English Language and English Literature at Hazelwood SchoolLimpsfieldSurrey, teaching 8- to year-old pupils.In the poem 'Nettles', the writer takes something that could be pondered as a simple yet common occurrence, and with some deep thinking about its implications, arrives at an insight into what could be outweighed as a serious problem mankind has to face, suffering at the hands of war.

Nettles Essay English Poem- Vernon Scannell. H W 31st March A Critical Analysis of Nettles, Vernon Scannell Theme The overall theme in this poem is relationship; but particularly the fact that a. Context. Vernon Scannell was most famous as a war poet, having fought in World War other poetry also has echoes of his war experience, as in this poem Nettles.

Vernon Scannell was born under the name John Vernon Bain, and was enlisted in the British army inat the age of eighteen. Nettles Analysis. The structure of the poem is an interesting one — the entire story is presented as a single verse, and although it rhymes in an ABAB pattern, there is no structure to the syllable count.

Nettles by Vernon son aged three fell in the nettle bed. Bed seemed a curious name for those green spears That regiment of 3/5(24). Analysis of 'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell 1. NettlesBy Vernon Scannell 2. Background & ContextVernon Scannell (−) was originally from the war at age His name was originally Bain, but he changed it shortly after World WarII as he had deserted from the army.

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Nettles vernon scannell essay writer
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