Medical tourism business plan ppt presentation

San Diego county has an aging population that is far above average in terms of wealth. Grab attention A presentation is like a story. It will pay dividends. In order to minimize advertising costs, the Company will execute a regional marketing campaign that is focused on Southern California.

What is it that the checklist but a list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder. Keep yourself abreast about the trending tourist sites, beaches, restaurants and other recreational places around the area, so you can give useful suggestions to medical tourists.

Potential acquisition targets include large luxury travel agencies that want to leverage their strong customer base by adding medical travel to their offering. Know which countries are represented in your audience and mention these countries by name in your presentation.

Many clients will travel abroad with a spouse or a group of friends. In order to accommodate the needs of these clients, the Company will develop relationships with hotels and other foreign service providers that are at the lower end of the luxury scale.

Dreamers dream These hopefuls believe the Field of Dreams slogan: I am told repeatedly that they need this to complete a business plan. Rather than invest in an expensive SEO strategy, the Company will budget for extensive paid search advertising in order to attract traffic to its website.

They can spend the money they save on the treatment by indulging in a vacation. At a young age, I was faced with the daunting prospect of addressing an audience of plus hardened sales reps at the annual conference and quarterly sales briefings. Heck if they could at least outline the roles, responsibilities, and staffing plans and management structure, some graphics person on FIVERR could draw it for them in AI or InDesign or PowerPoint and render it for a cut and paste into a business plan!

medical tourism india - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Since this is what I do for a living, rendering advice, recommendations, and transferring knowledge — I am mystified why they believe I will do it for them and every other startup without compensation. We provide this on a shared use basis for our clients, meaning that our account managers actually work on other accounts each day, but that is all they do.

Tell them how you will deal with questions - at the end, or are you happy to take questions at any time. The Company offices will be maintained in a manner such that they are appropriate for inviting clients to visit for in-person consultations.

Center for Health Tourism Strategy

If the startup owner feels they need some been there; done that experience and guidance, I can provide that. Case managers will be closely supervised and monitored by company management to ensure that they are presenting the Company in the best possible light.

Each slide should support ONE idea. Bob Robinson, MD, and Dr. The medical travel industry has significant barriers to entry, because it requires expertise in the provision of both medical services and travel services.

10 tips for presenting at a medical tourism event

Only then will somebody risk investing in your business. Developing checklists for daily operational quality and patient safety Once the processes are created and tested, then and only then can you standardize the process to a daily checklist.

The org chart and the daily operations checklists are not things that are stock items. The Company will invest in a best-in-class website that is designed to appeal to the sensibilities of upscale customers.This presentation does not constitute an offer or invitation to purchase or subscribe for any securities of the Company and neither any part of this presentation nor any information or statement contained therein shall form the basis of or be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever.

How to Startup a Medical and Wellness Tourism Facilitator Business. you can start writing your executive summary of a business plan that highlights a projected revenue and operating budget, product description, differentiation, marketing and branding strategy, and describe your competency to grow such a business.

Too often medical. Mediese gives medical tourism india and it is an ISO certified medical service provider in India and abroad. | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view Kerala Tourism - Kerala Tourism offers the most exciting Tourism Packages to visit the renowned places in the God’s Own Country.

By developing the premier VIP brand in the world of medical tourism, the founders plan to exit by selling the Company to a larger travel service business.

Potential acquisition targets include large luxury travel agencies that want to leverage their strong customer base by adding medical travel to their offering. 10 tips for presenting at a medical tourism event; 10 tips for presenting at a medical tourism event. you plan to fail” is standard business advice and it applies to presentations.

As you progress through your presentation you need to plan some “attention grabbers” where you can bring back those in the audience who have become.

Tourism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Download Presentation PowerPoint Slideshow about 'The Medical Tourism' - Jims An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

Medical tourism business plan ppt presentation
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