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Upon being rung and asked how much Lilybank had been sold for, he replied "I consider your phone calls a threat. It takes a lot of work to compile and write the material presented on these pages - if you value the information, please send Lilybank lodge donation to the address below to help us continue the work.

Such was the reputation of Tommy, 40, youngest son of former Indonesian President Suharto, that observers in the packed, tropical courtroom thought that malingering might actually set him free. The court explained its decision with a list of mitigating factors: He went on trial in On Bali, it was the arrival of the military with death lists and logistical support that mobilised the slaughter on a large scale.

In late Tommy was recaptured and finally went to prison where his conditions were befitting the billionaire son of the former dictator. Other reports put the Balinese death toll as even higher: Currently, those terrorist crimes look set to be pinned on the shadowy Islamic militants held responsible for but not actually charged with the murderous October Bali bombings.

At the end of it was reported that Lilybank had been sold to unidentified North Americans, for several million dollars. Just leave it, OK" and hung up ibid. He was charged with arranging the murder of the judge, fleeing from justice and possessing illegal rifles, handguns, grenades and explosives.

He has other things on his mind right now.

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His overall assessment is that: He is serving a six year sentence for corruption, the highest profile Suharto crony to be imprisoned. He was in vintage form. Terrorism, massive State terrorism, came to Bali nearly 40 years ago.

There was a lot of ill-informed emotive stuff uttered about "terrorism comes to Paradise, the loss of innocence", etc, etc.

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In chapter 11 of his profound, in-depth study on Bali, Robinson goes into some detail as to extent and nature of US involvement in the massacres. He was having none of that and promptly shot through. Finally, in Augusta real sale was announced.

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Obviously he needs to have Jeffrey Archer as a cellmate to get some tips on how to have privileged treatment in prison.

As a longtime Addington resident I note, with interest, that her extensive property portfolio she is a director and shareholder in 42 companies, in addition to the newly created Lilybank Station Ltd includes the controlling interest in Addington Shopping Centre Ltd.

Poh continues to have interests in New Zealand Otago deer farming, to be precise but I think that this is finally the end of our interest in the long running Lilybank story.

He was our secret weapon, in the late s, in swinging public opinion and the media so decisively against Tommy and the whole Suharto presence in New Zealand.

When will the "international community" be demanding justice and punishment for those terrorist crimes on Bali, let alone the rivers of blood spilled everywhere in Indonesia and Indonesian colonies such as East Timor and West Papua throughout the ghastly Suharto dictatorship?

There was an orchestrated propaganda campaign to both instigate and legitimate the killings of those defined as the enemy. Lilybank is a bone that has been very well chewed by this watchdog. Authorities promised that he would get no special treatment there.

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Unfortunately we have no way of finding that out. Things went pear shaped for the murderous and corrupt Suharto dictatorship in when the more than three decades of terror and kleptocracy were ended by a popular uprising. Plus he was accused of procuring the murder of the judge who had sentenced him to prison.

At one point his lawyer was accused of bribing witnesses in the trial and had to spend two weeks in jail. When will they get justice? We appealed those deletions and the Chief Ombudsman, Sir Brian Elwood, delivered his verdict in a letter dated August 30, Maybe we will in the future.

They were wrong, as they discovered when the court declared the absent Tommy guilty on all four charges and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. Deletions were made on topics such as the "good character" checks carried out on Alan Poh at the time of the sale none were ever carried out on Tommy, because there was no such requirement at the time he originally bought Lilybankand on anything to do with the mystery submission, made by a third party, at the time of that sale the submitter was never identified, and the submission was deleted in its entirety.

Funnily enough, this sale raised enormous suspicion that it was simply a manoeuvre to park Lilybank with a trusted mate, to put the asset out of reach of Indonesian and New Zealand investigators rather as our shonky businessmen are prone to putting their assets into the names of their wives or even their Dear Old Mums, to dodge their creditors.The centrepiece of the property is Lilybank Lodge, one of the most luxurious remote accommodations in the world.

Set on a organic farm, a visit to Lilybank is the most elite and private tourist experience imaginable for either a person seeking to experience the greatest range of on-site outdoor activities or appreciate nature at its most.

Lilybank Lodge Nestled in the high country of New Zealand's South Island is a getaway adventure playground aimed unashamedly ac the world's very wealthy.

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Presidents, playboys, and other such globe-trotters are the prime targets of this fledgling tourism business developed by Lilybank Lodge. The. Sep 08,  · Rent this 2 Bedroom Cabin in Foxdale for $90/night. Has Wi-Fi and Secure Parking. Read 35 reviews and view 12 photos from TripAdvisor5/5(31).

Lilybank finally sold. From a kleptocat murderer to common or garden local capitalists - Murray Horton. The tawdry saga of Tommy Suharto’s Lilybank Lodge (in the Mackenzie Country) has engrossed Watchdog readers, and the wider public, for a decade now.

Things went pear shaped for the murderous and corrupt Suharto dictatorship in. The two Lily Bank Lodges are newly built Pinelog holiday homes, – stylish, comfortable and cannot fail to please. Each unit has a fully fitted kitchen, complete with integrated appliances, making self-catering a pleasure.

Lilybank Guest House. likes · were here. Situated in the leafy suburb of Stratford, this 6-bedroom, 2-storey historic house offers privacy, /5(12).

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