Kony 2012 essay

The video has used young adults which is beneficial as the audience, which mainly consists of young adults, can identify with their specific age and style.

Apparently, high tech satellites, unmanned drones and all kinds of radars are not enough to catch this guy. Many youths were genuinely shocked and saddened by this video which prompted them to share the link to their friends and family.

The character portrayed, in this case Kony, will probably never have the moment being demonstrated Kony 2012 essay the images to the phrases written. The statistics show that million people viewed this video in one week. By choosing this topic I have been given the opportunity to be a part of change and to voice my own opinion.

These camps were, supposedly, created for the safety of the people, but the camps were rife with diseases and violence. March 5th was the day I stopped caring about the luxuries we are blessed with and started caring more about family, friends and mankind.

Whatever play on emotions that campaigns can make, they will use because it often times will move people to act on their feelings. A military operation in Uganda.

Kony 2012 Communication Theory Paper

Although the film was an effort to spread the word about Joseph Kony and to motivate action, it was also meant to evoke a purely emotional reaction. Also there was a rumor that the US wanted to have a reason to come into Uganda for oil. The theory assumes that the audience is taking an active role in seeking out media to meet their needs.

Unfortunately, in North America, that is exactly what the media wants us to do: Why we are Kony 2012 essay this one: December, Operation Lightening Thunder was launched. The KONY video uses a range of techniques to engage the viewers to the issues being shown.

He is using people emotions to make them feel part of the problem.

Analysis of Kony 2012 Campaign

An example that can be related to the Uses and Gratifications theory is that the audience can see that a young woman is emotionally damaged from what she has seen. A Propaganda Experiment The video begins with an interesting statement: This video displayed compelling images and disturbing statistics, meant to inform and illustrate the extreme circumstances of an on-going issue in Africa.

KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation

Additionally, famous and important people became involved and vouched for it. Whilst researching this campaign, the main outcome for designs was the poster.

The Future of Terror, Crime and Militancy. Things such as the online pledge agreement, which enables anyone to sign for free just by entering their name and email address has Kony 2012 essay to prove to our leaderships all around the globe, that with the support from others we as a nation can fight this conflict because Kony 2012 essay all want the same thing at the end of it: This viral campaign not only tugs at your heart strings but it puts your whole life into perspective; it makes you realise how lucky you really are, not only for the luxury things in life but for the simple things like family and friends that we all take for granted.

However, not everyone felt compelled to take action and eventually the hype died down. Design wise, the use of advertisements, social networking, campaigning and creating worldwide events such as April 20th poster challenge just shows that design as a whole plays a massive part in the success of this campaign.

Invisible Children campaigners with African soldiers Fig. A bunch of artificial countries that each contain several tribes, ethnic groups, languages and religions. We have entered a hyper-real age of meme culture therefore it can be said that Joseph Kony is not a Ugandan warlord, Trinidadians have now made him a cultural artefact in the form of a meme.

In other words, to get a message across, one must address the audience as if it was made of kids. Towards the end of the video, an image is displayed explaining how decisions and messages start from the top of the pyramid the elite and are communicated to the masses through mass media and such.

However, we still recognize the image as true, even if it is in the hyper-real, a reality that does not exist, but we can still acknowledge that the image captures the essence of the situation in the image.

PEW research center More people viewed the video in such a short amount of time than any other video on the internet to date. The campaign also sought to focus on a target group, young adults, because they are easily influenced and also quickly mobilized to carry out a social movement based on their social media skills.

The type of media that we consume is constantly changing because it needs to match the constant change in the type of media that we need. In the spectacle society, visual media is the most important media.

This connection is changing the way the world works. Another way it engages the audience is by showing the audience how fast social networking sites get news to travel.Good afternoon, everyone. I’m happy to be here to share my views to all of you today. My name is Donny Ko. My purpose today is talk about “Joseph Kony “and “Kony ” and raise the awareness about the child army and child kidnap.

Essay about Green Revoltuion. Joseph Kony is the leader of a group called the LRA, or the rebels, in Uganda, Africa.

Kony 2012 Campaign Essay Sample

It supposedly uses the 10 commandments as their ideology, but really does not. Kony was an alter boy for several years, but he stopped attending church around the age of At that time, he also stopped attending school. Kony had a good relationship with his family. The film uses everything that is popular right now to keep people’s attention – instagram photos, facebook timeline.

People, especially young people and hipsters, really want to help. Joseph Kony is the leader of rebels LRA, (Lord’s Resistance Army) he is not fighting for a cause, he is not at war against anyone, he is just fighting to uphold his power. Kony’s army rampages communities in Uganda, stealing all the children, training the boys to be soldiers, forcing them to kill their own parents and pushing the girls into.

Introduction Kony was a film produced Invisible Children which went viral overnight. The video gained 31 million views in a single day and since has gathered almost over 99 million view on YouTube.

Kony 2012 essay
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