Evergreen forest

They are very dense. Present as dominant Evergreen forest are Fokienia hodginsii Cupressaceae and Podocarpus neriifolius Podocarpaceaealong with Castanopsis gamblei FagaceaeManglietia duclouxii, and Michelia floribunda MagnoliaceaeAcer heptaphlebum Aceraceae Evergreen forest Elaeocarpus integripetalus Elaeocarpaceae Kerr, ; Vidal, Overall, these communities exhibit a strong floristic relationship with temperate mountain floras of southern China, as well as with montane forests of Malaysia and Indonesia.

The relatively abrupt lower boundary of montane forest is due more to temperature conditions than to moisture availability. The Dipterocarpaceae and other lowland groups drop out rapidly, and are replaced by a rich community dominated by tree species of families such as the Fagacaeae, Magnoliaceae, Lauraceae, Theaceae, and Juglandaceae.

There is, however, significant endemism at Evergreen forest species level in the montane areas of mainland Southeast Asia. This boundary corresponds to an elevation in which frequent cloud cover and mists occur, making them equivalent to cloud forests that have been described for tropical montane forests in many other parts of the world.

No equivalent attempt has been made to classify montane forests in Lao and Viet Nam. There also are assorted temperate evergreen forests dominated by other families of trees, such as Lauraceae in laurel forest.

A long history of human impact in Lao has led to the degradation of extensive areas of what was once montane evergreen forest. A ground cover of grasses, rare in pristine montane evergreen forest, is common, as is a cover of bracken fern Pteridium aquilinum.

Under relatively undisturbed conditions, this humid community accumulates thick layer of moist humus over the ground surface. The recent discovery of the rare conifer Glyptostrobus penilis in Lao Coffman et al.

Broadleaf temperate evergreen forests include those in which Fagaceaesuch as oaksare common, those in which Nothofagaceae predominate, and the Eucalyptus forests of the Southern Hemisphere. Broadleaf evergreen forests occur in particular in southern China, southeastern Brazil, parts of southeastern North America and the Pacific Northwest[1] and in countries around the Mediterranean Basinsuch as Lebanon and Morocco.

Tropical evergreen forests are dense, multi-layered, and harbour many types of plants and animals.

The structure of montane evergreen forests is distinctive with an open to semi-open canopy of relatively low and twisted tree forms. Frosts may be present at the higher and more northern parts of this formation.

Regions[ edit ] Temperate evergreen forests, coniferous, broad leaf, and mixed, are found largely in the temperate mid-latitudes of North AmericaSiberiaCanada, Australia, AfricaScandinavia, Himalayas and western ghats of India.

Therefore, these forests always appear green and are known as evergreen forests. Different types of trees shed their leaves at different times of the year. The important trees of these forests are rosewood, ebony, mahogany and also western ghat. Other examples include the wet temperate conifer forests of northwestern North America.

This endemism is particularly notable in the Annamite Province, and on the extensive limestone karst areas of Lao.

Also included in these montane habitats are conifer forests which are treated separately below. Even the sunlight does not reach the ground.

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Much of the remarkable diversity of orchids from Southeast Asia is centered in these evergreen montane forests. Montane evergreen forests at these lower elevations have been widely cleared in the past by the swidden agriculture of hill tribes and exist in a successional stage with lower tree diversity and very strong dominance of Fagaceae.

Numerous species of trees are found in these forests.

evergreen forest

Characteristics[ edit ] Species of trees[ edit ] Coniferous temperate evergreen forests are most frequently dominated by species in the families Pinaceae and Cupressaceae. The montane areas of Lao remain poorly investigated by quantitative ecological studies of plant communities. Such forests have been replaced by thickets or savannas with diverse structure depending on the degree of degradation and the time for recovery since major disturbance.

Santisuk further divided lower montane forests into three types—lower montane rainforest, lower montane oak forest, and lower montane pine-oak forest. This boundary represents a sharp transition not only in Evergreen forest structure, but also in floristic composition.

Rather than a single community type, these montane forests include a variety of forest associations under the general name of hill evergreen forest Rundel, One Fur All % Natural Soy Wax Candle, 20 Fragrances - Pet Odor Eliminator, Hrs Burn Time, Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Jar Scented Candles – Pet House Candle, Evergreen Forest.

For almost 50 years, WEC has worked to protect Washington’s forests for current and future generations. The goal of the Evergreen Forest Agenda is to ensure Washington State remains the Evergreen State by protecting state forest land, sustainably managing our private forest land, bringing new incentives and partners to the table, strengthening.

An evergreen forest is forest made up of evergreen trees. They occur across a wide range of climatic zones, and include trees such as conifers, live oak, and holly in cold climates, eucalypts, acacias and banksias in more temperate zones, and rainforest trees in.

evergreen forest. Evergreen forest is a category containing multi-story forests, where more than 80% of tree species keep their leaves during the entire year.

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Evergreen forest

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Evergreen forest
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