College essay about self esteem

Deficits in self-esteem contribute to virtually all psychological problems. In fact, if one feels incompetent to handle the job or unworthy of love, these experiences can be a challenge to an already impaired sense of self-esteem.

A typical example of is when an individual gets a job that he or she has always wanted, let say a dream job, a person possessing a psychological disorder like borderline personality will position himself or herself for failure.

I get a job. On the other hand, an individual with a healthy or positive self-esteem will realize that he or she indeed deserves the job and will recognize and appreciate the opportunity given him or her to achieve success.

It can be noted that, having a healthy or positive self-esteem can help alleviate this issue and curtail the issue of anger associated with borderline personality.

We learn, for example, that our grandmother cooks our favorite foods when we visit, that our mother gets angry if we track mud into the house, that our best friend is competitive in games, that our teacher is a "neatness freak," etc.

For some reason, they believe only their negative images college essay about self esteem themselves are true, and tend to doubt any positive signals about their personalities.

So, how does one know if their self-esteem is low? The whole list of how they manage to hurt themselves would probably be too long for an academic paper, but generally a person with low self-esteem tends to withdraw from social activities; feels constant anxiety, severe changes of mood, and shyness; feels like they fail to socialize—a situation of direct communication may cause stuttering, blushing, and so on.

More often than not, a burst of angry tirade is as a result of a lot of unresolved issues which has not been solved. Other possible risk factors are illness or injury, culture, or religion, the way other people react to a person, and even mass media messages Mayo Clinic.

I wanted to be more like them, confident. Children play sports in most cases harder then adults do. Self esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. I wanted to be someone else, in a new body, so I can be "normal".

People with low self-esteem cannot be helped by giving them cheering compliments—they do not believe them, and fail to accept them, since they tend to focus only on his or her negative sides. What people think about themselves seems to be based on facts, and we have got used to thinking we can trust our visions of who we are—but in fact, these are nothing more than opinions, and these opinions can be wrong.

The only way a person with borderline personality to assert his or her feelings or thoughts is through anger. This might be the first step towards a turnaround: A person with this kind of psychological disorder has a feeling that their friendship with others will end as time goes on because they think they have nothing to offer in the new friendship, which is actually wrong.

Low Self-Esteem

Children growing into adulthood need to feel they are trusted to make decisions on their own. She kept saying that she loved me. How could anyone love somebody like me? Efficacy As our minds process the data coming in from the outside and guide us through our physical and social environment, we can experience an inner state of being in control, of efficacy, of an ability to assimilate and handle the incoming data and to appropriately direct ourselves through the environment; or, we can experience a sense of helplessness, of inefficacy, of powerlessness, a sense of being overwhelmed.

Self-Esteem, Personal Control and Optimism. Low self-esteem does not strike a person out of the blue. The concept we form of ourselves, stated positively, is our self-esteem. Working with children in sports events gives you a sense of how children develop their self-esteems.

They let events happen to them instead of making them happen and minimize their successes. One can feel like an "imposter," who might be "found out" at any moment.

All of us have at least once met people who would have nice jobs, pleasant appearances, fulfilled lives—but who are chronically displeased with themselves, would tend to criticize or underestimate themselves, or to seek and find flaws in whatever they do. I know gaining this new found confidence will help me in the future, to help me take more risk and be happier about life.

In addition, it affects how you think, act, and feel about others, as well as how successful you are in life. Individuality plays a major role in this growth area in self-esteem.

Those low in self-esteem generally experience self-rejection, self-dissatisfaction, self-contempt, and self-disparagement. Self-esteem is an issue that people as well as children develop individually.

college essay about self esteem

People with low self-esteem often have little confidence in their abilities and question their self-worth. One of the peculiar psychological disorders that are mostly stroked by self-esteem is known as Borderline Personality Disorder.

To some it means feeling good and loving yourself unconditionally. In the nutshell, self-esteem and mental well-being of an individual is directly related. Self-esteem is the experience of feeling and knowing that we are competent to live and worthy of living and being happy.

Self Esteem

I can get some of the things I want. Such people create obstacles in their own way—so one might say they are enemies of themselves; and the most common reason for such destructive behavior is low self-esteem.Self-esteem is one of the strongest research topic in psychology.

It has been studied by researchers in relation to many different variables. Nov 23,  · 'Finding Confidence ' - my essay for COLLEGE. Alianicole Nov 23, #1. The amount of self-esteem you have is tested every day when you see girls thinner than you. You start to wish you can wear what she wears, or even just wish you had her body so you can dress it better.

For me, I've had to build up confidence and. The Importance of Self-Esteem This Research Paper The Importance of Self-Esteem and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • February 13, • Research Paper • 1, Words (7 Pages) • 2, Views4/4(1).

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College essay about self esteem
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