Cathy earnshaw linton and isabella linton heathcliff compa

At the end of the novel, he marries young Catherine. Edgar dies, kissing his daughter on the cheek, knowing that Thrushcross Grange, the Linton household, is now in the hands of his enemy. Which is said in the book as a way to boost his spirits.


Linton himself dies not long after this marriage. As a result of his encouragement, Cathy and Linton grow close. She brings misery to both of the men who love her. Appearance Heathcliff is described on many occasions as being a Roma, or Gypsy with dark eyes and hair.

He is almost the ideal gentleman: Near London assumed Physical description: Earnshaw brings home from Liverpool.

Desperate to see her father once more before he dies, she consents, and her fate at Wuthering Heights is sealed.

Edgar Linton brother — 3 years older Date of birth: Linton dies making Heathcliff owner of Thrushcross Grange. Ultimately, she ruins her life by falling in love with him. Earnshaw dies, his resentful son Hindley abuses Heathcliff and treats him as a servant.

Heathcliff begins to see Hareton as an adopted son, sharing a similar life of the poor stable boy robbed of his inheritance and love. Her father, Edgar, calls her "Cathy" for the most part, while Heathcliff refers to her as "Catherine", because he called her mother "Cathy" as an expression of his immense affection and love for her.

Heathcliff dies and is buried next to the elder Cathy. Because of her desire for social prominence, Catherine marries Edgar Linton instead of Heathcliff.

She is a contrast both physically and spiritually to Catherine. She sees Heathcliff as a romantic figure, like a character in a novel. On arrival she meets Hareton Earnshaw, the nephew of her mother. He is buried next to Cathy in coffins with the sides missing. Isabella runs away from him in fear, asking her brother to send her to London where she gives birth to a son.

It is here that Heathcliff shows his true colours as he beats poor Isabella. Lockwood who one night on a visit to Wuthering Heights is visited by the ghost of Cathy. As a result, it seems that Catherine, now cold and distant because of her understandable misery, is yet another character destined for an unhappy ending.

After his father dies and he inherits the estate, Hindley begins to abuse the young Heathcliff, terminating his education and forcing him to work in the fields. A sensible, intelligent, and compassionate woman, she grew up essentially alongside Hindley and Catherine Earnshaw and is deeply involved in the story she tells.

It is her romance with Hareton that re-establishes her bubbly personality. Struck with grief he begs Cathy to haunt him as a ghost. Earnshaw adopts Heathcliff and brings him to live at Wuthering Heights.

It was a marvellous effort of perspicacity to discover that I did not love her. I conjecture, they died of the same thing, a kind of fever, slow at its commencement, but incurable, and rapidly consuming life towards the close. Heathcliff is also described as being broad shouldered and fierce.

Wuthering Heights

Thrushcross Grange assumed Married: He no longer stands between Hareton and Catherine, seeing it as now a pointless endeavour and essentially as revenge against himself, and the two are finally allowed to openly love each other. He dresses in rags at first but when he becomes rich he dresses as a gentleman.

Linton, who does not at all resemble his father, but is in almost every way like his mother, falls ill as well and dies shortly after his marriage. Heathcliff sees the love between the two blossom and, probably because he has a grudging soft spot for Hareton, no longer takes pleasure in degrading them.Heathcliff Catherine Earnshaw Edgar Linton Isabella Linton Hindley Earnshaw Frances Cathy Linton Hareton Earnshaw Linton Heathcliff Ellen Dean Joseph Joseph's Speech Mr Lockwood Minor Characters Locations.

Isabella and Heathcliff's marriage is a violent one because Heathcliff only married Isabella to get revenge on her brother, Edgar Linton. Making her brother Linton's namesake furthers Heathcliff's.

Heathcliff - An orphan brought to live at Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, Heathcliff falls into an intense, unbreakable love with Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter Mr. Earnshaw dies, his resentful son Hindley abuses Heathcliff and treats him as a servant.

Because of her desire for social prominence, Catherine marries Edgar Linton instead of Heathcliff. Catherine Linton (also known as "Young Catherine" or Cathy Linton and later as Catherine Heathcliff then as Catherine Earnshaw) is a character in Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering is the daughter of Edgar Linton and Cathy Earnshaw, and, despite Heathcliff's attempts at exacting revenge on her for the indiscretions of her family, she eventually marries her true love, Hareton Earnshaw Family: Edgar Linton (father), Cathy Earnshaw (mother).

Cathy Earnshaw Linton And Isabella Linton Heathcliff Compare/contrast Their Married Life Heathcliff and Isabella Linton Isabella: Edgar’s younger sister. Weak and spoilt as a child, she becomes infatuated by Heathcliff, seeing him as a romantic hero. He despises her and uses her purely as a tool in his revenge.

Why should you care about what Catherine Linton Heathcliff says in Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights? Don't worry, we're here to tell you.

Cathy earnshaw linton and isabella linton heathcliff compa
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