Argument for the legalization of marijuana essay

But all of these assumptions are made based off opinion on the drug and its bad image people get from it. The condition causes extreme vomiting to its patients.

The penalties generally range from simple to severe punishments. According to an article by Discovery Health, marijuana is also known to relieve nausea and have Argument for the legalization of marijuana essay certain effect on the brain. Cannabis helps a condition that is known as cancer chemotherapy.

The first and most basic reason that marijuana should be legal is that there is no good reason for it not to be legal. We could save billions of dollars every year as a nation if we stop wasting money locking people up for having marijuana.

Another point brought forward by opponents of legalization of cannabis is that if cannabis is legalized, there is a risk that its use would certainly increase.

The people who were allowed to issue the licenses did not do so, effectively banning the drugs. Also make sure to check our Sources and Books pages for reference materials. On the other hand, people who argue that marijuana should not be legalized argue that marijuana is more lethal to the human body than alcohol, which is legal.

That means that legalizing marijuana nation wide would bring tourism to all of America and again help the economy. Nor can they disseminate themselves from drug taking. For example, driving while intoxicated is illegal, while drinking alcohol without driving is not.

It is not worthwhile for a law to forbid people from willingly exposing their own bodies to harm by using drugs, any more than by overeating or bungee-jumping. Another argument is that using marijuana is harmful to the user and therefore whoever uses it becomes victimized.

In the United States, all levels of government federal, state, and local authorities participate in the "War on Drugs. Another claim is the fact that people would abuse the drug and cause harm to the body.

There is no good evidence that prohibition decreases drug use, and there are several theories that suggest prohibition might actually increase drug use i. It refers to governmental programs intended to suppress the consumption of certain recreational drugs.

Legitimate Reasons to Legalize Cannabis. I say that with complete confidence because of the medical capabilities, economic relief, crime reduction, free resources and the fact that it has been decriminalized in a couple states. It also helps to open up lungs of an asthma patient Kmietowicz In fact, it can be noted that for many years, cannabis has been considered to an illegal drug in most countries.

In my opinion, marijuana should not be legalized in any country. On the other hand, various penalties are imposed for use or possession of cannabis in most countries.

Argumentative Essay Paper on the Legalization of Marijuana

Because it is available. The government should not tell individuals what to do as long as they do not harm others.

Which Drugs are the Most Addictive?.

Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

The fact that states and other nations have allowed the use of marijuana for an important aspect like medicine should make the drug legal. Even though the users of marijuana are not as many as compared to users of alcohol, in can be noted that there is a high chance that legalization of marijuana is likely to increase its usage among people as it will be readily available.

Another belief that pro marijuana legalization protestors have is the thoughts of economic relief. You take away the federal law that states marijuana is illegal and you have less crime.

We have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses to lock these people up. In addition, if marijuana were legal, the government would be able to collect taxes on it, and would have a lot more money to pay for effective drug education programs and other important causes.

Think about what I said above. It is possible to quit using any drug. People need to stop putting the blame of heavy drug users onto this harmless plant. Nevertheless, today, some countries have legalized cannabis while other countries have not.

If our goal is to reduce drug consumption, then we should focus on open and honest programs to educate youth, regulation to keep drugs away from kids, and treatment programs for people with drug problems. This third point does not mean that marijuana is completely safe for use, which is why any proper marijuana legalization should be carefully crafted to limit people in marijuana consumption.

In these economic times the government should be looking for ways to create jobs, produce ongoing revenue, and increase morality of its citizens. The topic of economic relief from marijuana legalization has been brought up countless times, and really only by the pro side.Argumentative Essay Paper on the Legalization of Marijuana The legality of marijuana has been a hotly debated subject for decades.

Until the government of US and many other established countries outlawed its use, smoking marijuana had been a widespread activity for thousands of years. Arguments For And Against Legalizing Weed: The War on Drugs utilizes several techniques to achieve its goal of eliminating recreational drug use.

From a blanket prohibition suppressing all use, to permitting certain amounts for personal use, the legalization of marijuana fights different fights in different countries.

Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay; Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay. Words May 11th, The legalization of medical marijuana would cause a decrease in recreational use nationwide.

Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized

The patients that use medical marijuana are not using it for recreational purposes. This argument is becoming more of an up roar because the U.S.

Jun 09,  · I have been working on an essay for a sociology class in which we were assigned to write about a “social problem.” Essay on Why Cannabis Should be Legalized.

by TheWeedBlog. Jun 9, One prominent argument against marijuana legalization is that if cannabis is made legal, then it will get into the hands of our children. Reviews: 2. An Argumentative Essay on the Use of Marijuana in Medicine. Embed. Share. Print. Related titles. Argumentative Essay on Discrimination.

Legalization of Marijuana in the Philippines Final. Legalization of Medical Marijuana in the Philippines.

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

Argumentative Essay Documents Similar To An Argumentative Essay on the Use of Marijuana in 5/5(8). Arguments for an essay or speech about why marijuana should be legal. Start here if you are writing a research paper or report about marijuana legalization.

Marijuana Legalization Organization Home Cost Forum Gateway Health Hemp Legislation But this argument does not logically apply to marijuana because marijuana is far less dangerous than.

Argument for the legalization of marijuana essay
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