An overview of the concept of the hydrogen bomb and the potential danger

The time that may elapse between radiation exposure and cancer development can be anything between 10 and 40 years. More from Business Insider: Uranium U is considerably less plentiful, comprising only 0. Thermonuclear weapons may or may not use a boosted primary stage, use different types of fusion fuel, and may surround the fusion fuel with beryllium or another neutron reflecting material instead of depleted uranium to prevent early premature fission from occurring before the secondary is optimally compressed.

Radiation pressure[ edit ] The radiation pressure exerted by the large quantity of X-ray photons inside the closed casing might be enough to compress the secondary. Scientist arranging mice for radiation exposure investigations around An implosion assembly type of fission bomb is exploded.

Current technical criticisms of the idea of "foam plasma pressure" focus on unclassified analysis from similar high energy physics fields that indicate that the pressure produced by such a plasma would only be a small multiplier of the basic photon pressure within the radiation case, and also that the known foam materials intrinsically have a very low absorption efficiency of the gamma ray and X-ray radiation from the primary.

The fissioning primary emits X-rayswhich "reflect" along the inside of the casing, irradiating the polystyrene foam.

What's The Actual Difference Between a Hydrogen Bomb And an Atomic Bomb?

At a bare minimum, this implies a primary section that consists of an implosion-type fission bomb a "trigger"and a secondary section that consists of fusion fuel. The pressure due to the ablating material is calculated to be 5.

The high explosives surrounding the core of the primary fire, compressing the fissile material into a supercritical state and beginning the fission chain reaction. There are three proposed theories: The nested spheres at the top are the fission primary; the cylinders below are the fusion secondary device.

Thermonuclear weapon

It was recognized early on that exposure to a sufficient radiation dosage could cause injuries to internal organs, as well as to the skin and the eyes. Hydrodynamic Lenses and Radiation Mirrors, in which they proposed their revolutionary staged implosion idea. Numerous photographs of various thermonuclear bomb exteriors have been declassified.

The reflector seals the gap between the Neutron Focus Lens in the center and the outer casing near the primary.

Cold War: A Brief History

The spark plug, when compressed, can itself undergo nuclear fission because of the shape, it is not a critical mass without compression. According to the author, Szilard invented the chainBy definition, a hydrogen bomb is a type of thermonuclear weapon that uses hydrogen fusion. In general, the energy made for a hydrogen bomb stems from a nuclear fission reaction that is compressed to start a secondary reaction called nuclear fusion.


Hydrogen fusion is a type of nuclear fusion. A hydrogen bomb can be hundreds of times more powerful than an atomic bomb. The most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested was a Soviet hydrogen bomb 3, times more powerful than the atomic bomb that flattened Hiroshima. North Korea is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb, a weapon more powerful than the atomic bombs that devastated the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II.

Here's how they differ. An Overview of Nuclear Power Plants Nuclear power is an efficient and volatile method of creating electricity using controlled nuclear fission, or, less commonly, nuclear fusion.

An Overview of Nuclear Power Plants

Most nuclear power plants create energy by submerging uranium molecules in water and then inducing fission in the molecules. Hydrogen bombs are far more powerful than atomic bombs, capable of producing many times more explosive energy. If an H-bomb hits the Pacific, it will detonate with a blinding flash and produce the signature mushroom cloud.

The immediate effects likely would depend on the height of the detonation above the water. General overview of the girl who lost her hair after being exposed to radiation from the bomb dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August Studies reveal link between nuclear weapon testing and cancer The American Cancer Society’s website explains how ionizing radiation, which refers to several types of particles and rays given off by.

An overview of the concept of the hydrogen bomb and the potential danger
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