An argument in favor of having an official language

Debate: English as US official language

We the people, can most representative of a "People" by having the common thread of language and the ideological exchange that precipitates. Opponents of Official English policies argue that this type of legislation is unconstitutional. As stated previously, 23 states have declared English as their official language.

This bill also takes note of the fact that being multilingual is a vital skill that is necessary to compete on the international market. Another issue of concern for these proponents, is the amount of money being spent on multi-lingual documents. English is the common language in America.

The question regarding language is frequently in the news, including just within the past few weeks. In order to accurately debate this issue however, it is necessary to discuss the state of affairs that currently exist in this country.

Participants were also questioned as to their opinion on how non-English speaking students should be taught.

Symbols are important, though, in defining a national identity, especially at the Federal level. America is for Americans. This is the type of bill that has been introduced a number of times before and was defeated.

Survey participants were also questioned as to their feelings on bilingual education. This bill seeks to amend title 4 of the United States Code, and declare English the official language of our Government.

If this bill were to pass, it is the administrative aspect of the Federal Government that would be most affected. Immediately following the appeal with AOE, Ms. References General Social Survey. Restricting federal and state employees from communicating with individuals, especially immigrants, in a language other than English violates the first amendment according to these opponents.

I await your response. Elected officials must remember who they represent, and who allowed them to be in their position. Andrew Sterling, an online blogger, is one of those individuals who has written specifically against English as the official language because he says it would be difficult to determine a specific standard of English.

The Center for Applied Linguistics advocates children learning a language at an early age. The following results are extracted from the General Social Survey and represent data drawn solely from the file, as this was the first year survey questions concerning the English language were introduced: National Education Association Available: This policy clearly outlines what it intends to pursue.

It is not too high of a burden to ask them to do so in order to live in the United States. As such, specified jurisdictions would no longer be mandated to provide bilingual ballots and election material. I believe that this is a direct result of a lack of information and understanding on the part of respondents.

Should English be declared the official language of the U. Evaluations of Current Bilingual Programs. The Supreme Court agreed to review the case, and on March 3, delivered a verdict. It seeks to preserve the role of the English language and enable immigrants to better assimilate into American society.

The percentage of the Hispanic population who was registered to vote decreased from The Constitution of the United States is written in the English language.


This movement is primarily being headed by members of the Republican party, as well as organizations such as U. The fact that many recent immigrants do not learn English is troublesome for many Americans, according to the Times, that reports people being concerned about the lack of Hispanic assimilation into American society and the fact that Spanish may soon be the dominant language in places like California and Texas.

Making English the national language and relieving the government from its responsibility of providing non-English speakers with language assistance could have tragic consequences that would affect the entire nation" says Celia Munoz on Scholastic.

Who is English First?. People from every race come to the US and learn to understand the American dialect of English. Olaf College stated that, "A report by the National Education Association noted that there were nearly 66, immigrants in Los Angeles and New York City alone on waiting lists for adult English classes.Dec 31,  · NEW YORK, April 13, — The United States, contrary to popular belief, has no official language.

Federal legislators have proposed laws to make English the official business language of the United States, and every year that legislation dies. An Argument in Favor of Having An Official Language PAGES 2. WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: official language, human communication, significance of language.

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While no law was written to establish English as an official language, no need for it existed. Nearly everyone spoke it.

My second point: English is the common language in America. No other viable language exists to replace English as the common tounge. The largest language group outside of English is Spanish. Both the US declaration of independence and US constitution are written in English.

This itself make English the "de facto" official language of the United States. Why not make it the de jure official language? English is the official language of over 30 us States.

English is the official language of over 30 US states, a vast majority of % Does the United States Need an Official Language? An inconsistency exists when % of the designated population favor English as the official language of the U.S., and only % believe that election ballots should only be printed in English (General Social Survey ).

The argument they are most adamant about concerns the. Many of the arguments I've read against having English as the official language can be re-construed as arguments in favor of it.

The diversity of culture and opinion in the US has been one of it's founding principles, but coupled with that has been the coming together and uniting of different groups into a unified people.

An argument in favor of having an official language
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