A grand illusion an essay on europe review

While he argues that local problems need local solutions, he holds no illusions about the "embattled, mutually antagonistic circle of suspicious and introverted nations" that once made up Europe.

Political leadership was shared by France and Germany.

Prosperity blessed all social classes, and welfare was generous. Under these straitened circumstances, Judt notes, "it would be an act of charity" for the EU to accept its eastern neighbors as full members.

Discussions of the European Union often work better than a lullaby: Yet Judt speculates that an eastern "buffer zone" would, by appearing to threaten Moscow, actually undermine Western security. Less soporific, even bracing, is this short book by Judt, a professor of European studies at New York University.

An Essay on Europe. With the crisis of the welfare state and the continuing influx of immigrants--many of them Muslims who do not assimilate easily into modern Europe--neofascism is rearing its ugly head.

The resurgent influence of Germany magnified the relative decline of France. Does Judt consider himself a skeptic on European unity? With a characteristically apt turn of phrase, Judt describes post Germany as "a muscle-bound state with no sense of national purpose.

The oil crisis halted economic growth, giving rise to an urban underclass. The EU, he argues, was designed to accommodate the prosperous Europe of the Cold War--an entity that no longer exists. Until recently, the European community worked well.

But beginning in the s, some of the old demons began to resurface. The economy expanded without a trace of the inflation and unemployment that plagued the continent before World War II. Judt avoids the drone by focusing on the big question: At any rate, he says, the addition of any new members would only further paralyze decision making in Brussels.

A Grand Illusion?: An Essay on Europe

And today, with the baby boom generation nearing retirement, the once robust European welfare states look sickly indeed. He would like to split the difference. Realizing this, Eastern Europe has been making its case in strategic terms:A Grand Illusion?

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A GRAND ILLUSION? An Essay on Europe.

Europe: The Grand Illusion. Tony Judt.

A grand illusion? : an essay on Europe

July 11, Issue while simultaneously holding out to the countries of former Communist Europe the promise of membership in years to come. Purchase an Online Edition subscription and receive full access to all articles published by the Review since Get this from a library!

A grand illusion?: an essay on Europe. [Tony Judt] -- "I am enthusiastically European; no informed person could seriously wish to return to the embattled, mutually antagonistic circle of suspicious and introverted nations that was the European continent. A Grand Illusion?: An Essay on Europe Tony Judt No preview available - He was also a frequent contributor to numerous journals including The New York Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, The New Republic, and The New York Times.

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A grand illusion an essay on europe review
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